Braids, Locs and Twists

Braids, Locs and Twists

Embrace Elegance and Protection with protective styles. Natural hair not only needs work, it also needs the touch of a skilled stylist to keep it procured. With Protective Hairstyles at our salon, we blend elegance with hair care to keep your locks safe and stylish. Explore our range of protective options to maintain your hair’s health while looking fabulous. Our braiding specialist will include a brief consultation in your service.

Men Braids

Braids have been a timeless and versatile hairstyle for generations. Our braiding service offers various braid styles, from classic to intricate, providing you with a fresh and stylish look that suits any occasion.


Single Braids

Single braids offer a clean and chic look that can be customized to your preferred length and thickness. This style is perfect for those seeking a neat and classic appearance.


Single Braids with Extension

Take your braids to the next level with extensions for added length and volume. This option allows you to experiment with longer and more dramatic braid styles, making a bold fashion statement.


Box Braids

Make a statement with our Box Braids service, offering a bold and eye-catching look that commands attention. Our skilled stylists meticulously craft each braid, ensuring a flawless and striking appearance that complements your individual style with sophistication and confidence


Braided Cornrows

Experience the timeless elegance of cornrows with our Braided Cornrows service. Our expert stylists create intricate patterns and designs that showcase your unique personality and style, delivering a classic and practical hairstyle with a touch of sophistication and charm.


Bantu Knots

Embrace cultural heritage and modern style with our Bantu Knots service. Each knot is carefully crafted to reflect individuality and confidence, offering a unique and striking hairstyle that celebrates tradition with a contemporary twist, leaving you feeling empowered and stylish.



Embrace the elegance of locs, a unique and natural hairstyle that exudes confidence and individuality. Our locs service helps you achieve this timeless and culturally significant look with precision and care.

Starting at $90

Locs- Twist

Refresh your locs with our Locs - Twist service, blending traditional locs with modern twists. Our skilled stylists expertly intertwine each twist, enhancing the texture and depth of your hairstyle while maintaining the integrity of your locs.

Starting at $90

Locs- Retwist

Maintain the impeccable appearance of your locs with our Locs - Retwist service. Our experienced stylists meticulously re-twist each loc, ensuring they remain neat, tidy, and well-defined, preserving the natural beauty and integrity of your hairstyle.

Starting at $90

Locs- Retwist and Style

Elevate your locs to new heights with our Locs - Retwist and Style service. Our talented stylists not only refresh your locs with a meticulous re-twist but also incorporate personalized styling techniques to enhance their appearance and express your unique personality.

Starting at $130

Locs & Style

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our Locs & Style service. Our expert stylists combine the elegance of locs with personalized styling, delivering a sophisticated and refined look that reflects your individuality with effortless grace.

Starting at $130


Twist hairstyles offer a textured and dynamic appearance that complements various hair types. Whether you prefer chunky or small twists, this style adds flair and character to your overall look.

Starting at $80

Twist Roots + Style Dreads

Achieve a captivating and stylish look with our Twist Roots + Style Dreads service. Our skilled stylists expertly blend twisted roots with styled dreads, creating a dynamic and textured hairstyle that exudes confidence and charm.


Kinky Twist

Embrace your natural beauty with our Kinky Twist service. Our talented stylists create bold and voluminous twists that enhance your hairstyle's texture and dimension, delivering a stunning and eye-catching look that reflects your unique personality.


Senegalese Twist

Experience the allure of Senegalese culture with our Senegalese Twist service. Our skilled stylists meticulously craft each twist, delivering a timeless and elegant hairstyle that exudes sophistication and charm.


Flat Twist

Discover the sleek and polished look of flat twists with our Flat Twist service. Our expert stylists create clean and well-defined twists that complement your natural beauty, delivering a stylish and sophisticated hairstyle suitable for any occasion.


Twist with Extension

Enhance the beauty and versatility of twist hairstyles with extensions. This option allows you to experiment with longer and more intricate twist styles, making your hair a captivating focal point.



Cornrows are a classic and practical hairstyle that can be customized into various patterns and designs. Our skilled stylists create intricate cornrows that showcase your unique style

Whether you're looking for a trendy and artistic braid style, the elegance of locs, or the added volume of hair extensions, our Braiding and Hair Extension Services are designed to help you express your personality and style. Consult with our experienced stylists to choose the perfect option for your hair type and desired look.

Starting at $100