Hair Treatments

Scalp Renewal Treatment

Indulge in 20 minutes worth of head massages in order to restore balance of the scalp. A healthier scalp helps healthier hair grow in. This service is for scalps that are too dry, too itchy, too sensitive, too oily, too tight, loosing hair, with skin flaking, with psoriasis, and for all ages. Book one week prior to a color service, or three weeks after a color service, but never the day of a color service. Our Scalp specialist will perform a thorough scalp consultation. No Blow-dry included.


Botanical Repair Therapy

This treatment includes a 10 minute head massage. It is proven to make your hair 5 times stronger than before. It repairs, strengthens, and protects your hair. This treatment is highly recommended for Highlighted hair, colored hair, or for those that use heat styling often (flat iron, curling iron) Split ends and breakage is an obvious sign that your hair is sensitized and the best remedy is to have a professional in-salon treatment. Does not include blow-dry, only towel dry.


Deluxe Hair and Scalp Treatment

Indulge in the most refined, and effective, vegan hair and scalp health revitalization. Utilizing Aveda’s professional grade in-salon Scalp Renewal Treatment and Botanical Repair Therapy, your hair and scalp will receive a treatment tailored to benefit the peculiarities of your scalp and hair. This service includes a thorough scalp and hair analysis and consultation. You will also receive a 5 minute fluff dry so the hair is not too wet.