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Experience the rejuvenating power of our In Salon Treatments, designed to enhance the health and beauty of your hair. Our range of specialized treatments ensures that your hair receives the care it deserves.

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Our glossing treatment is a top choice for those looking to enhance the vibrancy and shine of their hair. This treatment involves applying a specialized glossing product that contains light-reflective properties. It helps to seal the hair cuticle, resulting in smoother, shinier, and more lustrous locks. Glossing is an excellent option to revive dull or faded hair color, leaving it looking refreshed and radiant.

Keratin Treatment

If you struggle with frizzy, unmanageable hair, our keratin treatment could be your solution. This treatment infuses your hair with a keratin-based formula that helps to smooth and straighten the hair shaft. It reduces frizz, adds shine, and makes your hair more manageable. Keratin treatments can last for several weeks, providing long-lasting benefits for those seeking silky, sleek hair.

Silicon Treatment

The silicon treatment we offer is designed to repair and strengthen your hair. Silicon is a key component in many hair care products due to its ability to form a protective barrier around each strand. This treatment helps to seal the hair's cuticle, reducing damage from environmental factors and heat styling. It leaves your hair smoother, shinier, and more resistant to breakage.

Botanical Treatment

Our botanical treatment focuses on harnessing the power of natural ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate your hair. We use plant-based products that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to provide deep conditioning and hydration. Botanical treatments are gentle on the hair and scalp, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a more natural and holistic approach to hair care.

Scalp Treatment

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, which is why our scalp treatment is a valuable addition to your hair care routine. This treatment involves a thorough massage and the application of nourishing products to the scalp. It helps to remove buildup, promote circulation, and balance the scalp's moisture levels. A healthier scalp leads to stronger, more resilient hair and can even support optimal hair growth.

Hair Spa (Steamer)

Our hair spa treatment takes relaxation and rejuvenation to the next level. The steamer is used to create a spa-like environment for your hair. It helps to open the hair cuticle, allowing deep conditioning products to penetrate effectively. The result is deeply nourished and revitalized hair that feels incredibly soft and luxurious.


Custom Treatment

We understand that everyone's hair is unique, which is why we offer customizable add-ons to tailor your treatment to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for extra hydration, repair, or color enhancement, our custom treatments allow us to address your individual hair concerns.

Each of these treatments is designed to address specific hair needs and concerns, ensuring that your hair receives the care it deserves. Consult with our experienced stylists to determine which treatment is best suited for your hair type and goals, and experience the transformation of your hair's health and beauty.