Neurotoxin Pre-treatment

Neurotoxin (eg. Botox, Nuceiva, Dysport) cannot be administered to any patient who is pregnant, breastfeeding, has certain nerve or muscular disorder, or is taking certain medications (tetracycline, aminoglycoside antibiotic or calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure).

Please avoid using alcohol, Aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications (eg. Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aleeve etc) for 2 days prior to treatment to minimize the risk of bleeding and bruising. Also consider stopping your fish oil or Vit E supplements for a few days prior as well as they may increase your chance of bruising.

On the day of your treatment, wash your face thoroughly with an antibacterial soap and apply minimal, or ideally no foundation or other makeup to the treatment area.

Please ensure that you have had something to eat and drink one hour prior to your appointment.

post neurotoxin treatment, there are usually no telltale marks after 30 minutes to 1 hour, but occasionally patients can have minor swelling or bruising.